Madeline Jusino, Client Services Associate





Madeline joined the Lubitz Financial Group in August, 2014. She joined us as our Client Service Associate. She will be handling all aspects of the clients’ service requests- money transfers, check deposits, appointment setting, etc. Madeline is originally from New York and after a few years in New Jersey, she decided to relocate to Miami, Florida where the sun is always shining. Madeline comes from a big family of seven and happens to be the middle child. Being the middle child has made her an expert at solving problems and is the glue to it all.


Madeline is currently dedicated to her career and her education. She looks forward joining Miami Dade College in 2015 to finalize her degree at Miami Dade College. Madeline enjoys her downtime with friends and family. She is an outgoing, social busy bee who loves to dance and try new things. Madeline hopes to one day travel the world.‚Äč