Why should I pay you a fee, I’ve been managing my money myself for a while?

Here is what a new client told us when he was signing his contract.

  • He had been in charge of financial matters for the family and it’s been OK. He even enjoyed it. Losing control of the day to day management was not something he was looking forward to. But he decided it was important to partner with us because,


They have serious money now and he didn’t want to make a big mistake

They were closer to retirement and a mistake could be costly and unrecoverable from

There is so much more we can do for them then he was doing himself such as:

  • Cash management during retirement
  • Better diversified portfolio with assets he didn’t know about
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Clear Investment Policy to have as a foundation during difficult investment cycles
  • Simpler account structures – reduced 26 different accounts to 6
  • All the tax related things he was not doing – tax loss harvesting, tax efficient placement of assets in accounts, regular rebalancing and coordinating with their CPA
  • Recommending ROTH conversions when appropriate
  • Coordinating sources of income to help reduce Medicare premiums when possible
  • Help them decide what Social Security claiming strategies to use


Having a trusted advisor to turn to when they have questions

Having someone whom his wife trusts gives the husband confidence.​

How do your fees compare to those charged by other firms who offer the same services?

Our fees compare quite favorable to those charged by firms in our neighborhood and we are happy to share our current research on firms in the area. We suggest you interview and get proposals from several financial advisors as part of your selection process and you can click here for a list of questions you should ask when conducting the interview.

I see others describing themselves as Fee-Based and you are Fee Only. What’s the difference?

A Fee-Based compensation arrangement is typically when the advisor’s compensation is received from multiple sources, some of which may be commissions received from selling investment or insurance products, coupled with an investment management fee. Because of the fuzzy nature of these multiple types of compensation, there is frequently confusion and conflicts for the client. We are NOT Fee-Based.


Fee only is a compensation arrangement when the advisor’s only compensation is paid by the client to the advisor – period. No commissions or hidden incentives to provide potential for conflicts of interest. The Fee only compensation is typically calculated as a percentage of the assets under management, an annual retainer or plan fee, or project fees. 

We ARE Fee Only and act as your Fiduciary.