Fiduciary Commitment

The Lubitz Financial Group is an independent financial advisory firm and have been since our inception over 20 years ago. We receive our compensation ONLY from the fees our clients pay us, and not from hidden fees or commissions for selling mutual funds, annuities or insurance. We sit on the same side of the table as you do – when your investment wealth grows, so does our firm’s income, when yours declines, ours decreases. Which do you think we prefer? As do you. Working with a Fiduciary is preferable since our advice is in YOUR best interest, not ours and we are willing to put it in writing.



Think about this scene, you are meeting with a financial advisor you are thinking about hiring, and this is what you are told:


“You are making the right decision to hire me but you need to know that I am not legally required to put your interests ahead of mine, and I may not, at times, because if I did my compensation might be reduced because I can’t recommend a product my company is incenting me to sell to you. You didn’t think I am working for free just because you don’t see what you pay me? Plus, it’s possible that there is a conflict of interest in what I am selling you, but I am not required to disclose it to you. I don’t think it’s important to be a fiduciary to my clients because the compliance oversight and regulations are too burdensome for me to deal with. You’ll get my full attention, but maybe not full disclosure or unbiased advice..."