Financially Disorganized

If you were applying for a mortgage, how long would it take you to provide a net worth statement to the lender?


If it takes more than 30 minutes, you are considered financially disorganized. But, you say, it takes too long to keep up with all the details of your financial life and your daily responsibilities get in the way. Besides, does it really matter? Well yes it does. Disorganization costs you money, through paying late fees on bills, overlooking an error on your bank statement, you are late making your estimated tax payments so pay a penalty, lowering your credit score, and on and on. You don’t know if you are making financial progress or not.

You may be thinking:

I don’t know where to begin

It’s really my spouse who is the unorganized one

I really don’t want to make investment decisions because I really don’t know what I have.

The Lubitz Financial Group to the rescue!


 We can help you organize and track your financial information in a way that can help you and us create a Financial Plan and Investment Policy for you money. We have state of the art online tools to help you keep on top of all your resources in one place, at a click. By being organized you will save money, be able to set goals and see your progress, and working with us, you will have an advocate and someone to be accountable to when you set your goals. Remember the old saying, A Goal without a Plan is Just a Wish. Creating and executing a comprehensive Financial Plan will increase your chances of success.

Questions to Ask when Interviewing a Financial Advisor


You know you need some guidance and good, unbiased advice, but how do you know whom you should work with? You don’t know the language of the financial world and everyone you talk to talks over your head. Here is a list of questions that you should ask anyone you are interviewing for one of the most important jobs of their live – Advising YOU!