Getting Divorced

Whether you are sad or happy, your life is about to change significantly.


You will have to envision your life through a different lens and having a clear view about what your future financial life is essential so you can have peace of mind and plan for your new life. 

You will have a lot of questions about things that either you never paid attention to before, or if you handled them, the results will change. For example,

How much money will I need to maintain a lifestyle I desire?
Where will my income come from?
What will happen to the home and what is best for me?
How will our children’s college be paid for?
Which are the most advantageous assets for ME to get in the divorce?
How do I best invest the assets that I am now in charge of?
What do I do about reducing my income taxes?

We have worked with many clients over our 25 years, both as they are going through a divorce or after they have already divorced.


We can attest to the power of knowledge of your financial situation and possible future, as a way to get a sense of control and peace of mind. It will take work on your part as we learn about you and your dreams and resources, but we know from comments we have received from our clients, it is truly worth it! Creating and executing a comprehensive Financial Plan will increase your chances of success.

Questions to Ask when Interviewing a Financial Advisor


You know you need some guidance and good, unbiased advice, but how do you know whom you should work with? You don’t know the language of the financial world and everyone you talk to talks over your head. Here is a list of questions that you should ask anyone you are interviewing for one of the most important jobs of their live – Advising YOU!