High Income/Net Worth

You work hard, are busy, earn a high household income and have much of the material needs and pleasures taken care of.


You also pay a lot in taxes and would love to find ways to minimize this drag on your wealth. You are concerned with being able to maintain this comfortable lifestyle after your work income stops and you aren’t really sure you have created enough wealth to do this. 

Issues you could be thinking about:

I have way too many accounts in different firms so I really don’t have a comprehensive view of my total wealth and how the investment are performing.

Is paying a fee to someone to help me plan and invest my wealth worth the cost?

I need to have an impartial sounding board to bounce ideas off of and update my financial plan with these new possibilities.

I need to establish a relationship with an Advisor that my spouse can learn to trust so when I pass away, she has someone she can turn to.

I need a proactive advisor when a situation arises that might affect my family’s financial affairs and who knows the questions to ask that I don’t.

How do I use my wealth for my legacy?

I need an Advisor who has been through the worst markets and can help me stay disciplined to follow my plan.

We can help you achieve clarity on what your future could look like and be more tax efficient and productive with your wealth.


 We work with multi-millionaires who are looking for a proven and cost effective advisor who will become part of their team of professionals for good advice. We have worked with clients through all the financial crises since 1988 and helped clients from making big mistakes. Creating and executing a comprehensive Financial Plan will increase your chances of success.

Questions to Ask when Interviewing a Financial Advisor


You know you need some guidance and good, unbiased advice, but how do you know whom you should work with? You don’t know the language of the financial world and everyone you talk to talks over your head. Here is a list of questions that you should ask anyone you are interviewing for one of the most important jobs of their live – Advising YOU!