Just starting out

You are a young professional, single or married, and don’t have enough savings and investments


to work with the Fee-only Investment Advisor with the $1 million dollar minimum. But you need guidance as much as the wealthy do. How do you start out to build a firm foundation for your future?

Some of the questions you may have are:

What should I do with my student loans?

I am getting married and how do we merge our financial lives?

How much should I contribute to my company 401(k) plan and how should I best invest those dollars?

How can I develop good money habits that will serve me well for the rest of my life?

How do I get organized?

We have a custom tailored program for Young Professionals


that can help answer these and many more questions in an affordable and efficient way working with a PERSON not a ROBOT! Our MyMoneyLife web portal can help you organize your current financial life and start giving you the knowledge about your situation so we can help you make informed decisions. Most of our Young Professionals live outside of Miami so we are adept at using technology to communicate.

Questions to Ask when Interviewing a Financial Advisor


You know you need some guidance and good, unbiased advice, but how do you know whom you should work with? You don’t know the language of the financial world and everyone you talk to talks over your head. Here is a list of questions that you should ask anyone you are interviewing for one of the most important jobs of their live – Advising YOU!