Nercys Rijssenbeek, Administrative Assistant





We welcomed Nercys to our team in January of 2017 as a temporary employee and agreed that we’d like her to join us on a permanent basis, which she did in May, 2017. As the administrative assistant in our office, she’s the first friendly face to greet clients and friends as they come in our door or call our office. She supports office staff with many administrative duties. Nercys is a Miami-Dade College graduate with an Associate Degree in Science-Registered Nurse. We love the health care tips here in our office! She worked at Cleveland Clinic on the Telemetry floor until the Director of Nephrology wooed her away; and she fell in love with Hemodialysis.


If you, like us, want to know what all that means… please spend a moment with Nercys. She’s happy to share! Nercys worked in the medical industry until early 2010 when she moved to Belgium, Antwerp and was afforded the pleasure of traveling most of Western Europe and some of Eastern Europe along with other continents. After five years, she moved back to the states (early 2015) and decided that she wanted to return to a different field, outside of her studies… Banking and Administration. At BankAtlantic, she had the best of both worlds… human touch and day-to-day administration. At The Lubitz Financial Group, Nercys loves the client interaction, the administrative challenges and the warm atmosphere. When she’s not here, she likes to travel, spend time with her family and friends and her two dogs, Chloe and Molly, both Maltese’s. She’s also currently working on perfecting her Dutch. Spreeken jet Nederlands? Her passions are helping and meeting new people, learning new things and reading.​