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1.7 million Americans became millionaires in 2020

Grow, July 2021


Estate Planning Insights in the Age of Covid-19

Financial Planning Association, April 2021


6 potential pitfalls of Roth IRA Conversions, 

USA Today, September 2020


 What to Consider When You're Offered an Early Retirement Package,

AARP, August 2020


Should You Give Financial Support to Family?, 

The Street, August 2020


Steps To Take If Your Employer Stops Matching Your 401(k) Contribution,

Retirement Daily, May 2020 


13 Financial Moves to Make after Losing a Spouse,

Kiplinger, April 2020


5 Bad Money Habits You're Probably Guilty Of And How To Break Them,

USA Today, October 2019


Protecting Against Elder Exploitation,

Journal of Financial Planning, October 2019 


Are You Still Supporting Your College Graduate Kid?  Here's How To Wean Them Off Your Money,

USA Today, May 21 2019


Estate Planning Strategies After Tax Reform,

Journal of Financial Planning, April 2019


Proactive IRA Planning Strategies after Tax Reform,

Journal of Financial Planning, January 2019


Estate Planning for Pets,

Journal of Financial Planning, August 2018 

Re-published: Accredited Estate Planner Alert, December 2018 


Don't Forget Digital Assets in Estate Planning,

Journal of Financial Planning, April 2018


Changing dynamics: Money managers shift toward value and overseas stocks,

Florida Trend Magazine, March 2018


Chai Line newsletter/Jewish Community,

Foundation of Broward County, February/March 2018.


Choosing a Continuing Care Facility,

Journal of Financial Planning, October 2017. 


Advisers in Florida Brace for Hurricane Irma,

Investment News, September 6 2017


How Should I Save for My Kid’s College Education?,, June 8 2017


Considerations for Choosing a Trustee,

Journal of Financial Planning, June 2017


For those of you who speak Spanish:

here is a link to the special story aired in early May, 2017 on Telemundo about rent and finances where Jorge Padilla, CFP® was interviewed


Incorporating Long-Term Care and Estate Planning Into Ultimate Life Insurance Trusts,

Journal of Financial Planning, February 2017


Planning for Your Clients’ Care with Advance Directives,

Journal of Financial Planning, December 2016


Set-it-and-forget-it savings tools to quit living paycheck to paycheck,

NerdWallet, October 1 2016


Suddenly Single: The realities of going from two to one,, August 17 2016


Enhancing Estate Planning with Investment Policy Statements,

Journal of Financial Planning, August 2016


Give Your Graduate Cash,, May 18 2016


Preserving Lasting Legacies with Dynasty Trusts,

Journal of Financial Planning, April, 2016


Are You as Good at Saving as Millennials?,, March 28, 2016


Buying a Home isn’t always the Best Option,

Miami Herald, March 16 2016 (Personal Finance Supplement)


A New Year’s Resolution to Legacy Planning,, January 2016


Habla espanol? Que hacer con sus inversiones despues de eventos terroristas?, Diario Las Americas,

07 de diciembre de 2015


Innovative Uses of Variable Annuities for Legacy Planning,

Journal of Financial Planning December 2015


A Cheat Sheet to Help you Understand Investment Fees,

Time magazine online, November 19 2015


Is Your Advisor Prepared to Handle Cyberattacks?,, October 16 2015


High-Tech Tools Teach Teens, Young Adults How to Manage Money,

Miami Herald (Personal Finance), September 18 2015


Phil Herzberg, CFP®, named to Estate Planning Council of Miami Board,

Sun Sentinel, August 27 2015


How to Get More for Your Money When Studying Abroad,, August 23, 2015




ABLE Act Considerations for Estate Planning,

Journal of Financial Planning, August 2015


The Commonwealth Institute spotlights Linda Lubitz Boone,

July 2015


How to Start with Pennies and Retire a Millionaire,, May 20 2015


Financial Planning – Retirement in sight? Double up on savings,

Miami Herald, April 22 2015


Financial Planning – Recent grads should make a budget, start saving,

Miami Herald, April 22, 2015


Financial Planning – Life-changing money lessons you learn in your 30’s,

Miami Herald, April 22 2015


High Income, Jumbo School Debt: Smart Options for Clients,

Financial, April 2015


News From The Retirement Symposium: Should Clients Move When They Retire?,

FA Magazine, April 2015


Estate Planning Essentials for the Recently Widowed,

Journal of Financial Planning, April 2015


Healthy Investment Advice for Health Advisers,, April 2015


Consolidate Your Individual Retirement Accounts,, March 2015


Make Your Retirement Savings Last a Lifetime,, February 2015


Cutting-Edge Estate Planning Strategies,

Journal of Financial Planning, February 2015


Jorge Padilla, CFP, appointed 2015 President of the Financial Planning Association of Miami,

Sun Sentinel, February 8 2015


How to Find Hidden Savings,

Miami Herald, Personal Finance, January 24 2015


Hiring an Advisor? Ask These 6 Important Questions First,, January 7 2015


7 Super Simple Ways to Simplify Your Finances in 2015,, January 6 2015


When it comes to 401(k) investing, choose wisely,, November 24 2014


After you’re gone: Parents of special needs kids bank on Trusts,, Nov 3 2014


The New Retirement Dream: Relocation,

Research Magazine, November 2014


Did Edison’s IPS Fall Down on the Job?,, October 14 2014


How to Help Clients Cope with Volatility,

Financial Planning, October 2014


Advisors Cautious on PIMCO Total Return Fund,, September 30, 2014


Helping Grandkids Pay for College – A Quick Course for Grandparents,, August 22 2014


Financing Your Second Act,, August 2014


Investment Policy Statement Helps Investors,, July 2014


Building a Business From 3,000 Miles Away,

Registered Rep/, October 2013


What Retirement Crisis? Retirees Say They're Doing Just Fine, Thank You Very Much,

Time Magazine, June 2013


Think Buying Real Estate's a No Brainer?  Think Again,

Miami Herald, June 4 2013


Why to Take Out a Mortgage in Retirement,

The Wall Street Journal, May 16 2013


What are the advantages and disadvantages of real estate investments overseas?,

Money Magazine, April 2013


Profile Story: Expertise, Niche Career Focus, Tiene Usted Un Plan?,

Registered Rep Magazine posted on, September 2012


A Written Plan Can Help Your Portfolio,

The Wall Street Journal, May 30 2012


Successful Transitions,

Financing Planning, November 1 2011


The Top 100 Wealth Advisors,



Writing the Book on Investment Policy Statements,

Journal of Financial Planning, May/June 2004


Can This Portfolio Be Saved?,

The Wall Street Journal, May 28 2003



Creating an IPS - Investment Policy Statement